Monthly Faves

In an effort to provide more content I plan on doing these monthly faves posts. Mostly centered around web design and practices, but not always as my interests tend to wonder every now and then.

50 Dollar Logo Experiment

According to Forbes design is a snooty business and instead you should use sites like CrowdSpring to allow 10,000+ designers who know absolutely nothing about your business and are just looking to get paid to design your logo/print/site for you. They do guarantee quality and at least 25 entries so how can you go wrong? In all reality it is the designers that are hurting themselves by participating. Lets move the industry forward with grace and quality, not backwards with design by committee and spec work. But hey, if you’re interested fire up your browser hit iStock photo and become a designer!

Over here off my soap box, this link is an example experiment with one of the instant, cheap logo design adds (similar to clownSpring) you get if you google logo design.

iPhone Browser Simulator

Just a nice way to view your site on the iPhone. Requires Safari 3.2 for windows and has only been tested on Vista.

Learn Blender

Ever since the first time I played with Maya and LightWave I’ve wanted to someday return to the world of 3D modeling. However, the price tags on these things are a little steep to just play around with. Blender on the other hand has the very attractive free price tag.

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