PGSQL Driver Mismatch

PDO: driver pgsql requires PDO API version 20060409; this is PDO version 20060511

The above error was the final roadblock in getting one of our servers back into working condition after a server upgrade. I am posting this here because it took a very long time to discover a solution and I found the solution on a site in German. Thank you google translate.

In short, this server is a combination of PHP, Lighttpd and PGSQL. After the update Apache tried to run at startup and I had to remove the links to the Apache startup scripts found in /etc/rc*.d. A few more step to clear a Lighttpd warning about ipv6 and then I tried to start Lighttpd, /etc/init.d/lighttpd start. That’s when the above error reared its ugly head.

Some generic searches gave some results, but nothing that said “do this to fix it”. Until I slapped the error in google word for word and found a handful of Chinese and German pages talking about it. Fixing this issue ultimately required upgrading PDO and its PGSQL module and that looked something like this:

  1. pecl uninstall pdo pdo_pgsql
  2. pear upgrade PEAR
  3. pecl install pdo pdo_pgsql

Start Lighttpd and life was back to normal!

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