RabbitMQ hanging on publishing to queue

Are your scripts hanging when trying to publish to the queue?

Just had this issue so wanted to add a quick entry. Trying to enqueue a message into rabbitmq suddenly started failing. It was working yesterday, WTF? After breaking down the script and running it line by line; create connection, check; create channel, check; create exchange, check; create queue and bind it to the exchange, check; publish to exchange…. check; do anything else after that point, fail.

Publishing acted like it was working, but nothing got into the queue. Trying to close the connection at that point would hang. No exceptions thrown and returned true, as in all hunky dory.

Fired up the gui interface and there it was. Disk space surprisingly low. Oh theres that 18gig log running in verbose mode. Kill. Rabbitmq works again, yay!

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