RabbitMQ hanging on publishing to queue No Comments

Are your scripts hanging when trying to publish to the queue? Just had this issue so wanted to add a quick entry. Trying to enqueue a message into rabbitmq suddenly started failing. It was working yesterday, WTF? After breaking down the script and running it line by line; create connection, check; create channel, check; create […]

PGSQL Driver Mismatch 1 Comment

PDO: driver pgsql requires PDO API version 20060409; this is PDO version 20060511 The above error was the final roadblock in getting one of our servers back into working condition after a server upgrade. I am posting this here because it took a very long time to discover a solution and I found the solution […]

Setting Up Paypal IPN, Trials and Tribulations 3 Comments

Getting Started This PDF File is a great place to start. It will show you how to set up IPN notifications, what to expect from paypal, the process to verify the notification and even gives you some sample code. IPN, while not required, is a great way to know when you’ve actually gotten paid. This […]

March ’09 Monthly Faves No Comments

More faves for the month. Some of these were written in February, but I didn’t stumble across them until March. Lay Off the Juice Man! An article running down the debacle that was the Tropicana carton redesign. Lots of good links and a particularly good quote from Paul Ford. Creativity Abound Designers block? Spark your […]