Also known as the work and stuff that I do.

Current Quest Lines

MapMyFitness April 2014 - Present

I currently call MMF home. I’ve had a great time learning Python/Django and have even had the ability to explore brand new JavaScript libraries like React.js and Flux. Lately I’ve been productizing certain offerings by MMF using yeoman, grunt, and Angular.js.

Be More Active on GitHub All The Time

Earlier this year I decided to try and write code(not work related code) every day. For the most part it has been a success, however my GitHub public profile contributions graph would say different. Most of my commits go into private repos, but that's ok. I'm just happy learning new things all the time again.

ShortMinds August 2008 - Present

Many moons ago I started a webcomic. I had always wanted to draw comics ever since I was a kid and the internet gave me an easy method to share my art with others. I'll never forget my first piece of fan mail, it went something like this: "Why are you doing this? Your art is terrible and your jokes aren't even funny." Heart warming, I know. Feels good to be truly trolled. I stuck with is for a while, even found some moderate success with my XKCD comic. Sadly I have not drawn it in a while, but one day I will get back to it. Shortminds has been through many iteration, from a home brewed system, to Wordpress, to now living on GetSimple, but always has used PHP.

Completed Quests

LootMonster May 2012 - August 2014

Former pet project. I got tired of missing out on great deals like Amazon's 3 disc bluray of the Lord of the rings or Woot's half off on Gunnar glasses. So I wanted a site that would send me an alerts when a deal I was waiting for popped up. A few sites like this already existed, most look like fertilizer, so long story short; I created to scrape and watch deal sites for me. LootMonster started out as a reason to learn Ruby, and became my sandbox for learning new things like Rails, elasticserch, and passenger; and while I never became an expert in any of these I never shy away from learning new things. Sadly after the addition of another baby I retired the project and let the domain expire.

Electronic Insight July 2013 - April 2014

Electronic Insight was another attempt at a true bootstrapped startup. The founders invented a process of interpreting written word to find the hidden meaning. I was brought in to help realize its first product eiTalent; a website that analyzed potential employee resumes to check their culture fit with employers. Created a custom service oriented backend with PHP and CodeIgniter that was consumed by Backbone.js and Marionette.js on the front end.

MyEdu March 2012 - July 2013

Here I helped craft the brand new It's was a long road from pick-a-prof to a site that helps students find jobs after graduation. The people were amazing and management was always open to exploring new technologies and ideas which has lead to one of the first major sites built with Backbone.js and Marionette.js. Other things I got to play with: RabbitMQ, SOLR, PHP, MySQL, SASS, XML, XSL and a custom home brewed MVC framework.

Indeed August 2011 - March 2012

Here I worked as a front end developer on the main site. Some mobile work sprinkled in here and there and even some minor iOS development. Here I learned the importance of writing high performance JavaScript due to the amazing amount of traffic that indeed gets daily. I spent most of my time in the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSP land; with a few sorties into JAVA and ObjectiveC.

Novus May 2010 - October 2011

I started working for Novus while I was working for BancVue Interactive. I was doing so much front end work that I needed an outlet for some PHPage. The work was steady and fun and over time the demands of the job grew to the point that I left BVI to go full time with Novus. It was a true 5 man startup, I could reach over and tap the CEO on the shoulder and suggest a new feature in the morning and have it launched that afternoon. Ultimately building a twitteresk site for celebrities proved very difficult to lock down any personality and the company slowly came to an end. Here I was exposed to PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, MySql, and even a bit of capital raising.

Talkie Tweets September 2009 - December 2009

I had this idea once upon a time to pull peoples opinions about movies that were posted to Twitter and aggregate them into a numerical rating for that movie. This TalkieTweets was born. I let it run for a while, explored a lot about the Twitter api, built my own OAuth client in PHP because I wanted to. However turns our that creating a database of all movies ever is really tough and IMDB already has that covered. Fun fact, is the first domain I ever let go of and let expire.

BancVue Interactive/FirstROI April 2009 - October 2010

When I started at the company they were know as FirstROI and later re-branded to better match their sister company BancVue. Here every day consisted of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and this home brewed templating language that I don't remember the name of. Every dev was responsible to launch a new full featured bank site every 4-5 days. Got pretty good at it, then made the mistake of accepting a promotion to Lead long before I was ready for it. Did my best for a year or so before moving on to Novus.

BearingPoint October 2006 - April 2009

I started out at BearingPpoint as an intern aka build guy. When I started the builds were all over the place and doing wonky things. Fixed them up and eventually started automating myself out of a job. About the same time a Front End dev quit and the spot was offered to me; been doing front end ever since. Got to work on some heavy traffic/high profile sites right out of the box. Started out with ANT scripts, moved over to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, XML AND XSLTs.

ATLC 2004 - 2006

Everyone has that college job and this was mine. Started out in the lab before I became a Technician and eventually landed in a Staff job as Senior Technician. Took care of ~300 machines, ghosting regularly. And a lab of Mac computers, long before they were cool. Eventually graduated and wanted to get a job doing dev work.

Texas Tech University

Got my BS in CS here.